The PVIN Vault Program


Our Approach

The PVIN core process is designed in deliberate, progressive steps.  And although there is no “magical” approach to the pole vault, we strive to keep it simple—even for advanced vaulters. We teach the athlete to teach him/herself. We stress drills that are directly related to the vault and that can easily be adapted/utilized by the vaulter.   

The following are our general “Lessons” that have been carefully developed to teach the Pole Vault. 

  • Lesson #1: Proper Approach. This lesson teaches what we believe is the best way to approach the box for take-off.  In the PVIN program, a vaulter will spend a large amount of time in this area (30-50% depending on skill level). 
  • Lesson #2: Getting off the Ground (Plant and Take-off).This lesson builds upon the skills learned in Lesson #1 and will allow for a proper plant and take-off that utilizes all the energy the vaulter has developed in the approach.  As with lesson #1, in the PVIN program, a vaulter will spend a large amount of time in this area (30-50% depending on skill level). 
  • Lesson #3: Getting over the bar (Swing, extension and cross bar clearance). This lesson uses all the skills in the previous lessons to get the athlete over the cross bar. While important, an athlete will spend much less time in this Lesson than the first two (0-40% of the time depending on the skill level).


Training Programs

The majority of athletes training with PVIN participate in our Pole Vault Series  throughout the year:

  1. The Summer Pole Vault Series (June-early August)
  2. The Fall Pole Vault Series (September-mid November)
  3. The Winter Pole Vault Series (December-early February) 

The Pole Vault Series consist of two practices a week and the opportunity to jump in meets when they are available (Summer and Winter typically).  The Pole Vault Series are limited to a maximum of 6 vaulters and PVIN typically splits the vaulters into two groups based upon experience.  

PVIN also offers a personal coaching option.  This option is great for specific, guided instruction.  The vaulting principles that are hit in the personal coaching option are the same that are gone over in the Pole Vault Series and clinics, however, due to the one-on-one instruction, the concepts are gone into with much more depth and precision.


Meets and Camps


In order to give all of the PVIN club members the opportunity to travel and compete, we plan all meets that we will be in attendance at well in advanced. Please check the calendar periodically for the schedule and make sure to leave time in your schedules for PVIN during the summer and winter competitive seasons.  

Summer meets that PVIN regularly attends include:

  • USATF Junior Olympics (state, regionals, and nationals)
  • Grand Haven Beach Vault, Grand Haven, MI
  • MKE Vault Fest, Milwaukie, WI
  • Moon Vault, Vermontville, MI 

Winter meets that PVIN regularly attends include:

  • National Pole Vault Summit, Reno, NV
  • JAX Mall Vault, Jacksonville, FL
  • Trine University High School Meets, Angola, IN
  • Indiana Track Club High School Open, Bloomington, IN 


PVIN will hold periodic one-day camps throughout the year.  Please check the calendar periodically and look for information on camp availability. 

*The cost for meets and camps is additional and is not included in any PVIN Pole Vault Series.